The Simplest and Most Efficient Ways to Clean the Windows

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Seeing the sunlight from our window can affect our mood for the day. And if we are growing houseplants, they, too, need the sunshine. But due to pollution and grime which accumulate slowly on our window, they can block the view and hinder the sun from shining brightly.

In that case, what are some efficient and effective ways to make our windows spotless as the day they were installed? Let’s talk about them.


Ways of Cleaning the Windows


Efficient techniques to clean windows

1. Choose a dry, cloudy day, if possible.

It’s easier to remove streaks on those days unlike on hot days since the cleaner will dry onto the hot windows quickly.

2. Avoid using glass cleaners that are based on ammonia or alcohol.

According to, they can leave streaks and might leave a thin film that attracts dust and moisture. If it is extra difficult, you can start the cleaning process by applying a solvent like acetone or rubbing alcohol and scrubbing it directly on the spot.

3. Use a microfiber cloth.

Others prefer to use newspapers, but it’s more effective and cost-efficient to use a microfiber cloth.

4. Skip the squeegee.

For small windows, it is messier to use them as the water goes down on the floor.

5. Do not use a razor or any kind of blade.

No matter how stubborn dirt is, do not scrape them off with a razor or a blade as it can result in any permanent scratches that deteriorate the windows as time passes by.

6. Divide the job up and do it room by room.

It’s recommended to clean your window once or twice a year. But if you have a lot of windows, that could be a lot of work. So it’s better and easier to divide the job up and do it per room so it can save your time and energy.


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