Are Green Cleaning Products Worth It?

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Companies and individuals are looking for ways to save the planet Earth. That’s why people are switching to green cleaning products. But what does green cleaning really mean?

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning’s main goal is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy and free of toxins. Some substances considered to be natural green cleaners are baking soda, vinegar, and lemons. And green cleaning products typically have the following attributes:

  • No phosphates
  • No chlorine
  • No artificial fragrances and colors
  • Biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • Organically grown ingredients


Why Green Cleaning Products?


Healthy, green cleaning can help you cut your cleaning costs, get better results, and improve the wellbeing of everyone in your facilities. What do we really aim in cleaning? 

We clean to protect health! We clean to remove contaminants such as allergens, germs, and bacteria. Cleaning for health becomes even more crucial since the report from CDC that 8% of adults and 7% of children have asthma as of 2021. That’s why your cleaning materials matter.

But how about the price? 

In reality, we are not all born with a silver spoon to splurge tons of money on anything, including the cleaning materials. But you might be thrilled to know that it can improve your bottom line and make life easier. It is reported that it reduces surface wear and tear. Since it’s safe for the environment and safe for people, the product probably isn’t going to hurt your carpets or rugs, either.

We, at Maid To Perfections, offer green cleaning supplies if your objective is to cut costs and protect the environment, or if you have allergic or sensitive reactions to certain cleaning chemicals. You can inquire about what green cleaning products we use and we’re happy to give you a hand to go green. To find out more about the use of green cleaning products, please click here.


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