We all know that when life gets busy, certain things can fall by the wayside and get forgotten about, and one of those things is definitely the house cleaning! But don’t worry or be embarrassed if you have let the housework go, we have created our “Deep/Spring Clean” services exactly for this reason.

Please don’t be fooled – you do not need to wait until spring to book a deep/spring clean. Whenever you feel your house cleaning has been neglected for too long (our recommendation is 4-6 weeks+) then we would suggest considering booking a Deep/Spring Clean.

Our “Deep/Spring Clean” is an extra that can be added on to our “Full House Service” and basically entails a full and thorough clean of all the general cleaning required in your home. The Deep/Spring Clean extra allows extra time for our cleaning teams to lift the extra dust/dirt/grime that may have built up since the last full clean.



We require customers to book a Spring Clean when their house has not been fully cleaned in more than 4-6 weeks. The reason for this is that after this amount of time, there will be more dust/dirt/grime in the home and the Deep/Spring Clean extra allows for the extra time and work required to get your home up to our standards.

The areas that we cover in our standard Flat Rate service and our Deep/Spring Cleans are quite similar, however as everyone will understand, a bathroom that is quite dirty will take a lot less work than a bathroom that is very dirty! So please do book the Deep/Spring Clean if your house has not been fully cleaned for more than 4-6 weeks.

Please note that if a standard Flat Rate clean is booked when a house has not been cleaned for 4-6+ weeks, we may need to call you on the day of the service and upgrade the service to a Deep/Spring Clean. To avoid any unnecessary complications and to ensure we send the most appropriate cleaning team to your service, if in doubt, we recommend the Deep/Spring Clean.


We specialize in providing a premium quality clean so we are confident we will provide you a service of a higher standard than all other companies in South Florida. For us, the service we provide is more than just a clean. We are all about the little finishing touches that will put a smile on your face and make your day. When booking a Deep/Spring Clean we will do our best to leave your home in immaculate condition and we will try to do the little things that you don’t expect too!


OWe are all about providing a great, convenient service. Therefore, we are more than happy for you to provide access for our specialist in a variety of different ways. The easiest way is to provide some kind of remote access – this removes all the stresses and hassle of the logistics. If you have a key safe you would like to use, if you are happy to leave a key out, or if you would even like to hand over a key to your regulars specialist, that is all fine with us. Please feel free to discuss this with the office or your cleaning team when booking or during your service.

We do recommend you are at home for the first clean so you can show the cleaning team around and outline any priorities, but ongoing it is definitely easier and preferable for the specialist that they are left to their own devices.


Our Flat Rates cover the entire general cleaning in your home however there are certain extras you may like to add on top too. The reason we have these as extras is due to the time-consuming nature of the tasks, and because they are items that need infrequent cleaning.

Some of the extras we offer include:


  • Inside Oven
  • Inside Windows
  • Inside Drawers/Cabinets
  • Wet Wiping Blinds
  • Balconies
  • Inside Fridge
  • Washing Dishes
  • Vacation & Short Term Rentals Services (Hospitality Airbnb Checklist)
  • Water Inside Plants
  • Defrost Freezer
  • Change Litter Box
  • Ironing
  • One Hour of Organizing
  • Laundry (Wash/Dry/Fold)