Microfiber Cloths—How Important They Are and When To Use Them

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Microfiber Cloths


Are you looking for ways to clean your home in the simplest and efficient way? Your cleaning materials have a vital role in that case. And we found out that microfiber cloth is a must-have item that we should have in our home. But first, what is a microfiber cloth?


According to Towel Supercenter, “microfiber is a polyester and nylon fiber used to make fabric. When multiple microfibers are woven together into a fabric, they create a net-like surface that can absorb and trap moisture, dirt, and other particles.” Yes, you read it right, it can attract and trap dirt particles even without the use of harmful chemicals. And why is this crucial? It is environmentally friendly as you can save water, eliminate waste and reduce the use of chemical cleaning products.


What can you clean with them? Here are some of its uses.



1. Dusting your furniture, bookshelves, and wall art.

2. Scrubbing it on any surfaces like the floors and countertops.


Clean with Microfiber
Using a microfiber cloth on a countertop


3. Removing streaks on glass shelves inside medicine cabinets, in the refrigerator, and the microwave glass rotating plate.

4. Wiping the dust from electronic screens, keyboards, desktop devices, and others.

5. Soaking up liquid spills with a dry microfiber cloth.

6. Washing any kitchen counter appliances such as a coffee maker, coffee bean grinder, blender, or food processor.

7. Washing and dusting the light fixtures.

8. Wiping down the laundry room appliances like the washer, dryer exterior, and control panels.

9. Scrubbing the bathtub, shower, and shower door. You can scrub it as well to the bathroom switch plates.

10.Mopping the floors.


Aside from these uses inside the house, you can utilize them as well in your car, garden, and garage. Microfiber cloths can be used to remove makeup to clean one’s face.


Yes, it does have a lot of uses. But how will you clean a microfiber cloth? Just rinse it with warm or hot water (not more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit), dry it (not more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit), and store it away for the next use. Remember not to wash it with bleach and softener as it damages the fibers. Also, check the chemical products before using them on the microfiber towels. If it can damage plastics, it will likely hurt the microfiber cloth.


So, to conclude, whether you’re doing a deep cleaning or standard cleaning, microfiber cloths are essential to make your place spotless and safe from the spread of dirt and germs.


Here at Maid to Perfection, we make sure to clean your homes the best way that we can and to take care of the environment as well as we are now using green products. Let’s help you get rid of bacteria and germs at your home.


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