We have given our clients the ability to tailor their cleaning to be exactly as they like it. While all the general cleaning is included in our flat rates, time-consuming and less frequently required chores are available as optional extras. Some of the extras we offer include:

  • Inside Oven
  • Inside Drawers/Cabinets
  • Wet Wiping Blinds
  • Balconies
  • Inside Fridge
  • Vacation & Short Term Rentals Services (Hospitality Airbnb Checklist)
  • Water Inside Plants
  • Defrost Freezer
  • Inside Freezer
  • Change Litter Box

  Hourly Services

*Requires signed waiver

  • Inside Windows*
  • Laundry (Wash/Dry/Fold)*
  • Dishwashing*
  • Ironing*
  • Organizing
  • Decluttering
  • Spot Cleaning walls & doors
  • Light carpet cleaning with a rug doctor
  • Inside cabinets full

Services we provide through subcontractors

  • Junk removal
  • Power washing
  • Extensive Deep Carpet cleaning
  • Outside windows

If you are simply looking for more information about some of the areas we cover in our full house services, or what we can cover as part of our hourly rate service, check out some of the sections below:

Oven Cleaning

When most people are asked why they book a cleaning service, the answer is something like, “I would prefer to pay somebody to do the chores I don’t want to do, so I can spend time on the things I do want to do”. This could not apply more to cleaning your oven! As one of the most used and abrasive appliances in your kitchen ovens require some serious products and elbow grease to clean. Our oven cleaning services provide a full clean of the inside of your oven for an extremely competitive rate.

What It Involves

Oven cleaning is a difficult process and normally takes in the region of 30-60 minutes. Some of the tasks our specialist will perform are as follows:

  • Spray inside of the oven with oven cleaner (leave for 30-60 minutes)
  • Scrub down all inside walls
  • Scrub and clean all trays/grills in the oven
  • Vacuum/wipe/scrub hinges and remove any caked-on food/charcoal
  • Full clean of inside/outside glass of the oven

What It Does Not Involve

Please note that while we do provide a thorough inside oven cleaning service, we are not a specialist oven cleaning company and we will therefore not completely disassemble your oven like some companies. This does mean that our oven cleans are generally a lot more reasonably priced and can lead to very similar results.

Please also note that for some older ovens there is a limit to how much they can be cleaned and they may never look as good as new, but we will give it our best shot!


Our fridge cleans are pretty straightforward – we take everything out of your fridge, clean the shelves, drawers, compartments, and basically the whole interior, then we pop everything back inside.

Please note that if you have an exceptionally large fridge, then extras charges may apply.
Please also note that we do not clean freezers as these in general need to be defrosted before being cleaned.


All of our cleaning specialists come fully equipped to clean your home, so they will have all the cleaning equipment, products, and supplies to get the job done! As standard, our cleaning specialist will carry their usual assortment of chemicals and cleaning products, but they will also have what we refer to as “Green Supplies”. This basically refers to products that contain only environmentally friendly ingredients which are designed to be less toxic to humans, and animals and also make less of an impact on the environment. We can use green supplies for all our different kinds of cleaning services, including regular cleans, spring cleans, and move-out cleans.

Will It Affect The Clean?

This is a difficult question to answer. Every cleaning specialist is different, however, we have had a lot of feedback from different cleaning teams over the years and there is no subjective answer. Some people find that in certain areas (such as grout in bathrooms) there is nothing better than bleach. Others will say that items such as bicarbonate soda and vinegar can achieve the same result.

The fairest answer to this question would be to say that there are certain chemicals (such as bleach) that are extremely effective in cleaning certain areas of your home. There are green alternatives to these products that have the potential to clean to a close if not the same standard, however, if there are areas of your home that absolutely require a one-off blitz, we would recommend cleaning with non-green supplies and maybe looking green supplies after the first clean for maintenance.

Benefits of Green Supplies

The main benefit to using green supplies is the peace of mind that there will be no chance of any traces of toxic/harsh chemicals in your home. Although our cleaners are extremely thorough and would rarely leave traces of any toxic chemicals in your home, there is always a very small chance of a little bit of bleach being left somewhere (for example in the toilet). For households who have pets or very inquisitive little children, sometimes using green supplies for the cleaning can give people that extra peace of mind that there will be no chance of them coming into contact with something that could cause skin irritation.

Green supplies are also great for people who have allergic/sensitive reactions to certain cleaning chemicals.


A simple but often time-consuming chore – cleaning the inside of cabinets in the house. We have a number of different options/prices available, as follows:

Clean inside kitchen cabinets (empty)

This option is for when you need the inside of all kitchen cabinets cleaned and they are currently already empty. Generally chosen when moving in or moving out of a property.

Clean inside kitchen cabinets (full)

This option is for when your kitchen cabinets are full and will require manually emptying, cleaning the inside of the cabinets (not the objects inside them), and then the objects are manually placed back into the cabinets. This is considerably more time-consuming and therefore is a little more pricey!

Clean inside all other drawers/cabinets

To keep things simple, we made one extra to cover cleaning inside of all the other drawers/cabinets in your home. This covers bathrooms, bedrooms, and other fixed cabinets/drawers.

Please note that like all our extras, if you have an exceptionally large home and therefore considerably more cupboards/drawers than the average, we may be in touch before starting your service to discuss pricing/options.


All our cleaning teams will come fully equipped to also provide inside window cleaning services. This involves cleaning all the glass panels within your home. Please note that our pricing for this service we charge by the hour, and if your house has an exceptional amount of glass, we may need to review pricing on the day.

We offer inside window cleaning only. If you require outside window cleaning for areas that are accessible via areas such as balconies, please call one of our friendly teams to discuss options.


The areas of your home that will most likely need cleaning the most are your bathrooms and kitchens. These are “wet” areas and are also the most commonly used. That is why our cleaning staff have become absolute pros at cleaning these areas and leaving them spotless.

What Do We Do?

What we clean in your bathroom very much depends on the service you book. If you book on our hourly rate service then we will clean as much of your bathroom as possible within the given time frame. If you book one of our flat-rate services, all your bathrooms will be cleaned in full and we will follow our standard checklists. If you would like a full checklist of what is included in our flat-rate service, please get in touch.

How Long Does It Take

As with any type of cleaning, the amount of time required to clean a bathroom really depends on the size of the bathroom, what needs doing and the condition of the bathroom prior to cleaning. Below shows a rough breakdown of how we would estimate how long a bathroom cleaning can take:


Time Since Last Clean

Size (Times in minutes)


Medium Large
0-1 Week 15 20 30
1-4 Week 20 30 40
5-12 Week 30 45 60
12 Weeks+ 45+ 60+ 90+


Similar to the bathrooms, this is one of the “wet” areas of your home that is going to be used the most and will need the most attention. Our professional and experienced cleaners love these areas as it is here where we really make the difference and can produce that wow factor.

What Do We Do?

What we clean in your kitchen very much depends on the type of service you book. If you book on our hourly rate service then we can clean as much of your kitchen as possible within the time allowed/chosen by you. We can be flexible during this time, so if you want special attention spent on areas like your stove, backsplash, or even the oven, we can allocate the time in exactly the way you choose.

If you book one of our flat-rate services, we will provide a very thorough clean of your kitchen and complete all the general cleaning. If you would like more information on what is included in our flat rates, please head to the pricing page here.

How Long Does It Take

As with any type of cleaning, the amount of time required to clean a kitchen really depends on the size of the kitchen, what needs doing and the condition of the kitchen prior to cleaning. Below shows a rough breakdown of how we would estimate times for different kitchens.


Time Since Last Clean

Size (Times in minutes)


Medium Large
0-1 Week 20 30 40
1-4 Week 30 40 50
5-12 Week 45 60 75
12 Weeks+ 60+ 90+ 120+

HVAC & Duct Cleaning