Why Deep Cleaning is Essential

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One might ask, “What is deep cleaning?” To simplify, it involves cleaning and disinfecting. It also includes protecting everyone—the employees and the clients—from the virus. 


Deep Cleaning is Essential
Deep Cleaning is protecting everyone from the virus.

How to Deep Clean Your House

Better Homes & Gardens has tips on doing that. Let’s go over it.

Tip #1: Go with decluttering first

Get rid of any visible clutter that does not belong in the room or dispose of the things that are no longer of use. It will make deep cleaning easier.

Tip #2: Begin with hard-to-reach surfaces

Start from the ceiling, ceiling trim, ceiling light fixtures (including bulbs), walls, the rest of the trim, to baseboards. The best tool for these surfaces is a clean microfiber mop.

Tip #3: Focus on tubs, sinks, and toilets

To get things easier, spray down with multi-purpose cleaner so that it can soak for a while and disperse any soap and oil that have accumulated. It will make scrubbing much simpler.

Tip #4: Remove dust from surfaces

Wipe all remaining hard surfaces using furniture cleaner and polish, and a soft cloth.

Tip #5: Deep clean the floors

Moving the furniture, even the large ones, is needed to do this step. If you have carpet, it would be a great help to rent a professional-grade cleaner. It would be great to invest in one if you also have pets and/or kids.


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