5 Cleaning Tips When Someone Is Sick At Home

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If someone is sick at home, germs spread easily throughout your house, so you are potentially at risk if you don’t take proper measures. That’s why it’s crucial to clean the house and maintain it. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests ways on when and how to clean and disinfect your home. Here are some simple things you can do to help prevent other people from getting sick too…

  • Bleach and disinfectants are must-have cleaning solutions. However, you have to refrain from using harsh chemicals. Instead, try natural solutions or products that contain alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or essential oils instead of harsh chemicals. They are just as effective and they won’t put you or any of your family members at risk.
  • When cleaning surfaces in your home, use hot water, just like how you need hot water to clean your dishes.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by utilizing the same towels on different surfaces around your home. Designate certain towels for certain areas and then discard and clean after you’re done.
  • Wash the bed linens, any washable sofa covers, or pillowcases in your home as much as possible. Better take them straight to the washing machine rather than put them on the laundry basket so that they don’t contaminate other clothes or surfaces.
  • Make sure to clean the most touched areas or surfaces in your home regularly. These include things like doorknobs, remote controls, faucets, toilets, phones, electronics, and trash can lids.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and happy in their homes right now! (And, remember, one who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases!)



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