Fair Go Policy

Our flat rate/full house services are results based cleans and do not depend on time limits like our hourly service. All our full house services are results based cleans. The results are not dependent on the amount of time/hours we are in the home. The recommended womman hours is only the time we guesstimate it will take based on our experience. These are results based cleans, we never set fixed time limits on the services. We do however give our cleaning teams estimates to assist with the planning of services. These estimates are just guidelines and we allow the teams to work at harder (and faster) intensities if they are able. We complete the checklist of tasks that correspond to the service selected + any extras selected, until all items have been cleaned to our (very high!) standards. On the rare occasions that our estimates are incorrect, we will clean for up to 25% longer than the given estimated time, however if a property requires more time and work than that, extra charges may apply. If we for some reason over estimate the time we may leave 25% earlier. This may change from service to service depending on the condition of the home. 

The fair go policy doesn’t apply to our hourly cleans; you may ask the specialist to focus on specific areas. Not all areas are guaranteed. The cleaning specialist will complete what they can in the allotted time. The service by the hour form will give you a reference guide of what can and cannot be completed during a specific amount of man hours.

We will always get in touch with you prior to making any changes to your service and confirm any extra charges before proceeding.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Credit/Debit & Electronic checks for recurring clients.

We now accept Paypal if paid in full prior to service.

Sorry, we do not accept cash or checks. 

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