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If you wish to book your appointment 48 hours or less a credit card MUST be on file. 

This requirement must be met in order for us to reach out to our teams, once availability is confirmed your serviced will be scheduled.

A hold will be placed on your debit/credit card at 12 pm 2 days prior to your appointment.

If you have a card on file it will be charged the same day after your appointment at 11:00 pm

Any undisclosed extra services may be subject to an additional charge. We will always contact you prior to an extra service charge.

No additional charges will be made without the clients’ authorization.

If we are unable to place a hold on your card 48 hours prior to your service, we cannot guarantee your appointment. If we do not have a card on file 24 hours before your scheduled time your appointment will automatically be canceled.

We do not charge a surcharge for credit cards.

Clients cannot create a booking less than 48 hours before the service time. You must speak to an admin directly to book and confirm your appointment. All last-minute bookings within 12 hours are subject to a same-day service fee of $20-$65. This is dependent on the service and square footage of the home.

NOTE: A $50 cancelation fee will be charged if we are invited to pest infestation clean, hazardous cleans, crime scene clean up, and hoarding or post-hoarding cleans.

In an effort to provide our clientele with the best services we have trained all cleaning specialists to report any requests to work privately. We wish to accommodate every client’s needs, and doing so requires reliable and committed staff. Any clients that attempt to obtain private services from a cleaning specialist will have all future bookings canceled.

Cancelations & Last Minute Reschedule 



48 hours, 50% Charge

Last-minute cancellations within 12 hours will be charged the full amount.


48 hours, 10% Charge

24 hours, 20% Charge

Last-minute change within 12 hours there will be a 30% charge.

We allow for 3 reschedules. You will not be allowed to reschedule a 4th time. Your appointment will be canceled and you will forfeit 100% of the funds.

A $50 lockout fee will be charged if a team has to wait 15 mins or longer to access the home. After 45 mins the appointment will be canceled and the card on file will be charged 100% of service.

Please note: No changes may be made to your account within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment. Please contact us directly if you wish to make changes or add to your service.

When we have unforeseen circumstances on our end and we are unable to make the appointment due to challenges and have to reschedule on our end, we always offer a 10% discount on the next service. We understand our client’s time is valuable.

If in the event a customer is scheduled for a complimentary clean and cancels service within 48 hours, they will not be eligible for the complementary clean until paying a $50 cancellation fee.

How to Pay

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Credit/Debit & Electronic checks for recurring clients.

We now accept Paypal if paid in full prior to service.

Sorry, we do not accept cash or checks.

 We respect our clients’ time.

Thank you for respecting ours.