After every service, you will have an opportunity to review the service. All of our team’s compensation directly correlates with your rating. This incentivizes us to always give you the perfect treatment. This performance-based pay model allows us to keep our client’s satisfaction a TOP priority at the same time giving out team members the opportunity to earn bonus pay and vacations.

Here is how it works!

Maid to Perfection Performance-Based Bonus Compensation

Finding someone and trusting them into your home can be a stressful and daunting task. We are not only a cleaning and service-based company, we are your friends and neighbors. We make the extra effort to communicate clearly and look out for you, your family, and your home.” We do this by offering excellent service and extraordinary hospitality and best of all Performance-Based Bonus Compensation.

The Performance-Based Bonus is paid to our professionals directly from us. Your opinion matters most and that opinion will directly affect how much of a bonus your specialist earns. We are upfront about our rates because honesty and transparency are key in any successful relationship. We offer our Perfect clients discounts and professional bonuses. We believe the quality of our service speaks for itself. We do not try acquiring new clients with low rates and offerings but instead the word of mouth and referrals.

This low ball pricing and bait and switch is the biggest problem with the cleaning industry. Unlike most companies in the industry who focus on pricing, we focus on the service and delivering you the perfect experience. By offering the bonus it has improved the level and quality of service. Our team shows up on time the level of service stays consistent. Why? Because if it doesn’t your rating and opinions inform us of their poor performance.

Performance-Based Bonus Compensation is one of the many things that separates us from the competition.

Our Plan is simple, here is how it works

For every booking with our specialist, our system will send you an email the day after your appointment has been completed. This email will allow you to click on a link to show how happy you were with our services. If the booking was not yet rated you will have 7 days from the service date to rate it. Once the booking is rated you will have 1 day from the date when the appointment was rated to change the rating. You will have the opportunity to give detailed feedback on the level and quality of service. You will rate us in several categories.

This plan works for various reasons. It lets our clients know we take their feedback opinion seriously. It lets our specialists know we care about them and want to see them succeed. This is a win-win.