We provide weekly, biweekly triweekly, or monthly services for our clients.

For those who have used our service or another professional cleaning service within the last month


We will follow up with you after the service. If we met or exceeded your expectations, we will assign the same team to your regular service. You will always have the same specialist unless there are special circumstances or an emergency such as the cleaning team are away, sick or unavailable. On these rare occasions, we will always get in touch with you and check if you would prefer to wait for your regular specialist, or if you would prefer for us to send you a team to cover for your regular specialist.


We specialize in regular cleaning so we are confident we will provide you a service of a higher standard than all other companies in South Florida. For us, the service we provide is more than just a clean. We are all about the little finishing touches that will put a smile on your face and make your day.


We are all about providing a great, convenient service. Therefore, we are more than happy for you to provide access for our specialists in a variety of different ways. The easiest way is to provide some kind of remote access – this removes all the stresses and hassle of the logistics. If you have a key safe you would like to use if you are happy to leave a key out, or if you would even like to hand over a key to your regulars specialist, that is all fine with us. Please feel free to discuss this with the office or your cleaning team when booking or during your service.

We do recommend you are at home for the first clean so you can show the cleaning team around and outline any priorities, but ongoing it is definitely easier and preferable for the specialist that they are left to their own devices.


We have two different kinds of service, our Hourly Rates, and our Full House flat rates. Either of these services can be booked for regular service. We do however recommend if you book an hourly rate service, to book a little extra time for the first clean, and if you are booking a full house, to book a Deep/Spring clean for the first service. Why? The first service at somebody’s home is always the hardest. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • The most obvious reason is that the house has not been professionally cleaned by us before, so there is a higher chance that the house is dirtier and will therefore need more cleaning.
  • Because our cleaners have never been to the house before, time is taken planning the service, getting to know the rooms/areas that require cleaning and basically making sure everything is done the way you like it.
  • Finally, the cleaners do not know what has been cleaned recently and what hasn’t – it is not always possible to tell from looking. They therefore will tend to clean everything. Once a service becomes more regular, there are certain things that require cleaning more regularly than others, and after a few services, our teams will start knowing your house and knowing the most efficient way to spend their time.


Over the years we have learned that providing the best cleaning team for a client is not as simple as some people may think. Although the quality of the cleaning is of great importance, so is the type of person, the personality and the style of cleaning. When booking with us, please let us know of any preference you have and we will do our best to assign you a team that best suits your needs.

Although it does not happen very often, every now and then you may not feel you have found a perfect fit. Please do not worry! We can always send out a different cleaning team and find you the perfect match.