Client Rating Scale Difficulty of Home and of Client.


Level 1 Client Level 5 home would be a friendly client with an extremely difficult home to service.

Level 1 Home Level 5 Client Home easy to clean but the client is extremely difficult.


  • Level 1  Appointment. Only basic skills, knowledge, and tools are needed. The client is easygoing, friendly, not particular. 


  • Level 2  Appointment. More skill & or specific tools may be required, clients are usually indifferent and do not ever complain or ask for much.


  • Level 3 Appointment. Special tools or skills or chemical solutions are required. The client is somewhat particular but typically friendly.


  • Level 4  Attention to detail is paramount, special chemical solutions and or tools may be required. The client may be super picky, particularly anal, and or difficult.


  • Level 5  Unreal expectations, and or client is extremely rude unreasonable and a pain to deal with. We avoid these types of clients at all costs.