Differences between an Employee & a Independent Contractor 

What is an Employee?

We have two different types of employees.

Internal and External 

Internal Employees use company issued equipment, tools, and solutions and typically work on a team but sometimes alone. 

External Employees provide their personal equipment, tools, and solutions sometimes work on a team but typically alone. 

  • Employees (W2) are paid on a weekly basis.
  • Employees must complete a background check and drug test.
  • Employees (internal) are trained on our internal systems policies and procedures.
  • Employees (internal) must use company equipment, tools and cleaning solutions (only exceptions are in the rare case that the internal employee/trainee is working with an IC or external employees who is also a trainer for us).
  • Employees (internal) who are not yet trained are not given equipment.
  • Employees must have a magnet and or placer on their personal car while working (internal employees must work 80 hours before being considered for company car).
  • Employees are paid hourly to travel in between appointments.
  • Employees are expected to leave behind marketing materials.
  • Employees must wear uniform pants, shirt and apron (External employees are only required to wear our uniform shirts).
  • Full time employees (internal) are guaranteed 30-40 hours per week on a set schedule.
  • Part time employees are guaranteed 10-29 hours per week on a set schedule. 
  • Employees (external) work on flex schedules. Their hours are never guaranteed. 
  • Employees with a flex schedule provide availability and/or are invited to appointments. They may accept or decline appointments without penalty.
  • Employees (internal) mainly work together on a team. (If an external employee or independent contractor joins an appointment on a team of one or more employees who is a team leader they are expected to use MTP equipment and tools and follow our color coded system and work in their assigned areas. 
  • Employees (internal) are given priority and are always considered first when scheduling.
  • Employees (external) are considered second when scheduling.

What is an Independent Contractor (IC)?

  •  ICs must provide proof of their certificate of liability insurance. MTPC may ask for proof every month, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly. You may also give us access to your policy to monitor any changes.
  •  Independent Contractors (1099) are paid on a weekly basis.  
  • ICs are not required to complete a background check or drug test.
  • We classify independent contractors as an established company with a website, social media platform, insurance, and or workman’s comp.
  •  ICs may invoice 🧾 MTPC but we pay every Friday based on our payroll schedule.
  • ICs are expected to be in dress code when working with MTPC, which includes a white shirt and black pants. We strongly recommend ICs to wear our uniform and apron especially when working with employees or on a team. 
  • Any employee of an IC must also be in dress code. 
  • ICs must have their own equipment and tools. They must be inspected. 
  •  ICs must have green cleaning solutions for clients who prefer it.
  • ICs mainly work alone or on a team with other ICs.
  • If an IC joins an appointment on a team of one or more employees, they may use MTPC equipment and tools, and work in their assigned areas. (Orientation video will be sent so you have an understanding how we work) 
  • As an IC, if you do not wish to be assigned to any appointments with an employee or IC please communicate this upfront. This is not required.
  • If after working with a specific employee, or IC and wish to not be scheduled with them again, please communicate this immediately.
  • ICs are typically only assigned to appointments together when the customer books hourly. 
  • Carpet, detailed windows, and grout cleaning and other specialty cleanings are always contracted out to ICs who have experience and skills in these areas.