What is an Employee? 

Differences between an Employee & an Independent Contractor.

All the following below describes and is specific to an employee. 

1. Employees are required to fill out the W2 form. 

2. Are on a set schedule( May accept additional appointments outside their set schedule)

3. Required to comply with all uniform policies. 

4. Are trained and or instructed on internal systems policies and procedures.

5. Must use company equipment, tools and cleaning solutions unless an inspection has been completed. Written approval & agreement must be made to use own equipment and solutions. 

6. May be required to ride in a company car, place a magnet and or placer on their personal car while working. 

7. Told how to perform work, in what order & particular tools to use. 

8. May be required to attend meetings and give regular reports. 

9. Paid hourly wage or governed by minimum wage and overtime laws. 

10. May be reimbursed for all expenses needed for work. 

11. Must personally perform their work.

What is an Independent Contractor? 

1. Independent Contractors (1099) 

2. May invoice ��, we pay twice a month based on our payroll schedule. 3. Are expected to comply with dress code when working with us. 

4. Contracted for a specific project or time period. 

5. Decides when and where to work. 

6. Determines how to work, cleaning process and tools used. (Must follow clients work order) 

7. Does not need or receive skills training. (Will receive training on what we do not do based on clients work order request) 

8. Does not attend meetings or give regular reports. ( Meetings are optional).

9. May negotiates and sets own rates, including fixed price amounts. 

10. Provides own tools and equipment, responsible for own expenses and risk of loss. (We have a program that provides equipment if needed) 

11. Markets services to the public, works with multiple clients. (Restrictions apply under our agreement) 

12. May delegate tasks to other contractors that directly work with you. (Under our agreement this is not permitted unless approved by us.)