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Full House/Flat Rate Service or our Hourly Service

Full house/Flat rate pricing is based on square footage. Please select a “Initial Clean” if your home has not been cleaned professionally within the last 4-8 weeks. Please select Build Up/Move In, Move Out if your home has not been professionally cleaned in over 2 months.

 Laundry and Outside Glass Doors are not covered by our insurance, therefore a waiver must be signed prior to service. These services are available within our hourly pricing.

NOTE: We do not do pest infestation cleans, hazardous cleans, crime scene clean up, and hoarding or post-hoarding clean. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if we are invited out to any of these types of jobs. Services We Don’t Provide  

Please All Our Terms Of Service Below 

Terms of Service

Inside Windows, Dishes, Laundry, Inside & Outside Glass Doors, Blinds, Tile/Grout Floors  

If you would like one or more of these services to be completed, please book hourly service

Photos and/or videos may be required.

A waiver may be required for these above services.

Have trouble scheduling or have questions? Please schedule a Digital Estimate to speak with our Business Development Director.

Please see our extras and additional services.

When booking hourly the cost is determined by how many hours our maid(s) actually worked at your

We recommend If you are not sure how many hours you should reserve for your first house cleaning, please use this chart below as a guide or book with a custom quote instead.

Perfect Client Recurring Service Discounts

New clients that select short term rental (airbnb ), weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly frequency receive up to 35% off!