Things to consider before you Hire a Maid or Cleaning Service

What will you do with the time we save you?

You deserve the time and freedom to attend sporting events, take a career development class, cook dinner or meal prep, go to the gym, just relax and go to the beach, watch a movie, read a book.

If this is your first time looking for a service, no worries! The majority of our longtime clients were also first-time purchasers.

Maid To Perfection is the solution! Our services are customizable reliable, consistent and fair. Our integrity and reputation are spotless. Our core values are respect, honesty, positivity, and transparency.

You need to be so careful who you let into your home.

Here are our top 15 things you should consider when you are vetting a cleaner or a professional cleaning service.

Any reputable cleaning company should be comfortable and positive in responding to the following inquiries.

  1. Are they licensed insured and bonded?
  2. Do they have workers compensation on them? Home insurance doesn’t cover cleaners slipping and falling.
  3. Do they protect you from the IRS by paying all the cleaners payroll taxes, social security taxes, Medicare tax, state unemployment tax, & federal unemployment tax?
  4. Do they wear professional, clearly marked uniforms?
  5. How many applicants do they interview to find one good cleaner?
  6. Are their cleaners their employees or are they independent contractors?
  7. Do they conduct background checks before hiring?
  8. How were they trained? Do they have a formal training class?
  9. What certificate do they hold that proves they were efficiently trained to use the right cleaning product/ equipment on many different surfaces and fixtures in your home?
  10. When you call the cleaning company to schedule an appointment or discuss your needs, do you get a live person or an answering machine?
  11. Does the service provide products and equipment?
  12. How much do they care about your satisfaction? Do they respond to your feedback on how their cleaners are doing? (Check out our performance based pay model here)
  13. What cleaning products do they use, and are they safe for your family and pets?
  14. Does the cleaning service owner run their business out of an office or a car?
  15. Do they use environmentally friendly products that will not damage or cause harm?