Team Leader/Trainer Compensation & Benefits

Certified Team leaders and Trainers who are employees are considered for all jobs first.

Certified Team leaders, Team leaders and Trainers who are subcontractors are considered for jobs second.

Certified Cleaning Specialist/ Team members are considered for jobs third.

Vetted Subcontractors are considered last.


What does it mean to be certified? 

  • Certified Cleaning Specialist have taken & passed MTA (Maid Training Academy) Courses Level 1, Level 2 & Ethics 
  • Certified Team Leaders have taken and passed the above courses as well as the Internal Exam and MTA Team Leader course.
  • Certified Team Leaders/ Trainer have done all the above and have also serviced a min of 100 homes.

Our goal is to get our applicants to team leader/trainer in 90 days or less.


Maid To Perfection Hierarchy

  1. Applicant (applying for job) 

  2. Trainee (training in the field) 

  3. Team Member (passed background check & approved to clean on their own) 

  4. Certified Team Member (passed Maid Training Academy) 

  5. Team Leader (approved to train by owners & or manager) 

  6. Certified Team Leader (passed Maid Training Academy Team Leader) 

  7.  Trainer all the above + a min of 250 homes min serviced ( Internal Trainer Exam)




After the application and phone interview process is completed, those applying are still considered applicants in our system. 

The applicants are then scheduled for a showcase cleaning interview. 

This is where our team leaders come in.

 This a 2 hour introduction/evaluation. We ask all team leaders to review the cleaning system and methods taught in MTA. We understand people learn differently. 

Our team leader development and system is taught in Team Leader Training.

You are welcome to do a showcase interview with an applicant the same time while a trainee cleans.  

Once they are ready to be on their own or with another teammate, you will continue to receive compensation for any job completed by the persons whom you have trained.

The compensation for this position differs slightly for subcontractors than employees. Both will be broken down below. You may choose either that works best for you and your situation.


Showcase cleaning Interview/Training & Team Leader compensation for Independent & Subcontractors

The Team Leader Showcase Interview compensation is your hourly +  $10 per applicant. The showcase interview should last no more than 2 hours. 

The applicant may or may not be compensated for the showcase interview. If the applicant is considered for the position MTPC will reimburse $30 for a negative drug screening.  The applicant has 30 days to complete drug screening if we collectively decide to move them along in the process. 


What occurs during the showcase interview/training?

At this point, you will determine if they are worth the effort and time in developing their skills and bringing them on as a trainee.  We hire for attitude and train for skill.  During the showcase interview, the applicants skill level will be evaluated and graded. Based on the evaluation Grade 0- Grade 5, we will determine your compensation if considered for the position.


What applicants expect in showcase interview 

  • 10 -20 min assessing theoretical and practical knowledge of the trainee

Based on their experience, this lesson may be different:

  • With minimal experience (20 min- 2 hours)
    • Trainer demonstration of proper cleaning procedures for every house area (bathroom/bedroom/ kitchen/living room/hallway/outside)
    • Work together for beds and assign trainee small tasks under direct supervision to see efficiency and capabilities of learning, willingness and attitude towards work and team.
  • With experience (20 min-2 hours)
    • Assign a whole area of the house( bath/bedroom/kitchen) to complete

We look at speed and pay attention to detail when we revise the work together and address any theory/practice flaws.

Review the entire house and ask if the trainee has additional questions that were not discussed during training.

We then decide if the trainee needs additional hours to master the skills.

If you determine an applicant to be a good fit they are no longer an applicant. They become trainees, but still not yet a team member.


To become a certified team member, the trainee will need a minimum of 5 cleanings/training with their team leader and a min of 20 hours of training. The trainee must also pass Maid Training Academy level 1, 2, and Ethics to obtain certification. The trainee will also have had to pass a background check & drug screening before cleaning on their own. Once the trainee has done this and signed the employee agreement form, the trainee officially becomes a certified team member/certified cleaning specialist.

If a team leader feels a trainee is limited and/or needs more time we continue training. 

As a Team Leader/Trainer, you will be compensated your hourly rate +$10 on each job for the minimum 5 training sessions after the initial showcase interview.

The Trainee will not their own products and tools, they will be sharing yours.

We do our best to schedule each trainee with the same Team Leader/Trainer.


BELOW IS FOR SUBCONTRATORS ONLY ( Subcontractors carry their own license and insurance)

Scenario 1: Training a Trainee as a Team lead/trainer subcontractor

Assume your hourly is $20/hour and the job estimate is 4 hours but it takes 5 hours, you would be paid $80 + $20 + $10. 

Our Fair Go Policy allows for 25% if extra time is needed.  Please review the Fair Go Policy at the end of this document.


The Trainee would be compensated $10-$14 hour. 

Once the trainee who you have trained is able to work on their own,  As their Team Leader/Trainer, you would receive $10 on their first 10 jobs.

This only applies if you directly trained the trainee  on 3/5 appointments. If you only directly trained the trainee once or twice you will receive and additional $10 for those two appointments.

As a Certified Team Leader/Trainer, you would receive $15 on their first 15 jobs. 

This only applies if you directly trained the trainee  on 3/5 appointments. If you only directly trained the trainee once or twice you will receive $15 for those appointments.

You will also have the option of performing a 15-30 min quality control/walk through. This is a great opportunity if you are already in the area. The compensation is $15 per walk through. 

If the certified team member becomes a certified team leader you will receive a $50 bonus.

For every 5 certified team members who become certified team leaders, you will receive a $250 bonus.

You will receive $1 for every hour a a certified team leader you trained works up to $250 per year.


Scenario 2:  If two certified team members you trained work a job, you would receive $20 +$15 ($35 total ) if you do walk through.  


Please view the Subcontractor Hourly Compensation


How does the Team Leader/ Trainer compensation plan differ for employees?

You would receive $10 extra each training if the job is completed in the allotted time. Once the trainee who you have trained is able to work on their own,  As their Team Leader/Trainer, you would receive $10 on their first 10 jobs.

You will also receive .25%  bonus for every hour a certified team member you trained works. This is uncapped and is paid out once it accrues to $25. You will also receive a $25 bonus for every new certified team leader whom you trained. 

For every 5 certified team members who become certified team leaders, you will receive a $250 bonus.

The showcase interview dates for applicants will be located here  Showcase interview

To save time, please let us know within 72 hours of a scheduled cleaning if it’s not a good date for a showcase cleaning interview so we can remove it from the calendar or reassign to another team leader.


All data hours and information are tracked in google drive.


Fair Go Policy

Our flat rate services are results based cleans and do not depend on time limits like our hourly rates. We will perform the checklist of tasks that corresponds to the service you have booked + any extras selected, until all items have been cleaned to our (very high!) standards. Because these are results based cleans, we do not set fixed time limits on the services. We do however give our cleaning teams estimates to assist with the planning of services. These estimates are just guidelines and we allow the teams to work at harder (and faster) intensities if they are able.

Our Fair Go policy states that on the rare occasions that our estimates are incorrect, we will clean for up to 25% longer than the given estimated time, however if a property requires more time and work than that, extra charges may apply. We will always get in touch with you prior to making any changes to your service and confirm any extra charges before proceeding.