Subcontractor Compensation

We pay subcontractors the agreed-upon hourly rate for the number of man-hours allotted in our system.

For example: If our system recommends 4 man-hours. This would be $80 if the subcontractor’s hourly rate is $20/hour

If the appointment is completed by 2 subcontractors it should take half the time (2 hours) and each subcontractor will be compensated $20/hour.

Our Fair go policy allows for 25% additional time.
In the example above that would be 5 hours. Each subcontractor 2.5 hours totaling 5 hours.

Our Fair Go policy states that on the rare occasions that our estimates are incorrect, we will clean for up to 25% longer than the given estimated time, however, if a property requires more time and work than that, extra charges may apply. We will always get in touch with you prior to making any changes to your service and confirm any extra charges before proceeding.

Prior to beginning any services, the Cleaning Specialists must report if they feel the appointment will take longer than the allotted time. They must provide photos and video. The office will then let the client know of any extra charges that will incur.