Do you have a short-term rental?

We started our company by servicing Airbnb properties. This is our specialty. We currently service several.

We use our routine checklist plus our 35pt hospitality checklist.

We must also be a co-host on your Airbnb account to receive the discount.

35 Pt Hospitality Checklist

Performed on every turnover

  1. Check water filter
  2. Check mail
  3. Make sure all doors and windows are secure
  4. Verify hot water in all faucets and showers
  5. Flush all toilets to verify no clogs
  6. Collect any dishes from rooms
  7. Load dishwasher (if no dishes, run cycle and report any leaks immediately)
  8. Inspect linens for stains
  9. Check microwave and refrigerator for food and dishes
  10. Test garbage disposal. Report any issues immediately
  11. Verify inventory & report missing items
  12. Replenish used products (coffee, tea, sugar, etc…)
  13. Set tables with place settings
  14. Refill toilet paper
  15. Refill or replace shampoo, body wash conditioner hand soap, etc..
  16. Make sure all inventory is accounted for
  17. Replace clean shower curtain
  18. Replace plug-ins as needed
  19. Replace Kleenex boxes
  20. Set alarm clocks for the correct time
  21. Set up a welcome basket
  22. Check propane tank if applicable
  23. Clean grill if necessary
  24. Neatly set up the outdoor area
  25. Place trash bins out at street on trash day
  26. Change burned-out light bulbs
  27. Check or change batteries in remotes
  28. Set thermostat to owner’s desired temperature
  29. Plug in all electronics in (lamps clocks, etc..)
  30. WD40 as needed

Performed Monthly

  1. Change batteries in smoke detectors as needed
  2. Wash outside trash cans
  3. Change AC Filter
  4. Check and replenish first aid kit
  5. Changing non-smart door lock codes on entry points