Performance Based Commission

 Subcontractors who are licensed, insured, and using their own supplies/tools and cleaning solutions can earn up to 90% of the contract.

If you are insured, then a certificate of insurance is required prior to services.

We will require you to work under Maid to Perfection’s license and insurance if you or your company are not licensed and or insured.

 Subcontractors starting commission level is 70% minus deductions.

Deductions from the 70% base level are made for the following:

If you are not licensed, then a 5% deduction will be made.

If you are not insured, then a 10% deduction will be made.

If you need to use our supplies tools and or cleaning solutions, then a 5% deduction will be made.

If you do not follow a clients’ specified checklist, then a 5% deduction may be made.

Maid to Perfection’s performance based compensation structure is as follows: You may receive up to 20% more of your starting base commission level or 20% less of starting commission level.

Our performance based pay system is calculated by our Airbnb guest survey and or the amount of stars left in Airbnb’s guest review system. 

Airbnb gives guest 14 days after checkout to leave a review. If the performance based option is chosen, subcontractors are paid out their base pay weekly. If the subcontractor receives a high rating, then the difference is paid out after the guest checks out & will be calculated as a bonus on that weeks payment schedule.

Example of guest survey: Click here (Please rate your AirBnB cleaning)

If no review is submitted, then the subcontractor will receive their base pay (70% minus the deductions listed above). If a negative/poor review is submitted, 5-20% will be deducted from the base pay. For positive/stellar reviews, 5-20% will be added to the base pay.

Subcontractors who choose our performance based pay commission option are considered first for all jobs.

The compensation ranges between 25 % and 90% of contract based on the factors listed above.