Maid to Perfection Cleans offers several compensation plans. Plans are hourly or commission.


External Independent contractor Plan (For Independent Contractors Floaters) Not Licensed and/or Insured  

  • $15 is the starting compensation for the first Showcase Appointment. This is a 2-3 hour job you must prove your skills to be considered.
  • After completing and passing the showcase appointment you will earn $20-$24/hour 
    • $20/hour for accepted jobs with notice
    • $22/hour for the day before invite and acceptance of a job in the next 24 hours
    • $24/hour for same-day invite and acceptance
  • To earn $25/hour on every appointment/ job you must complete orientation and complete Maid Training Academy (We sponsor the $150 Course) & have your own equipment and tools.
  • You are not required to have equipment or tools if working on a team. We provide them.
  • For the appointments you are assigned and service alone you will be paid hourly if the client schedules hourly service. (You must be certified and approved by the trainer to participate in solo cleans) 
  • For appointments that require a full house service that you are invited to and accept you will receive 50%-65% commission. (You must provide all cleaning equipment tools and solutions)
  • We do offer a starter kit for $400-$600
    • We offer a rental equipment option for a fee 
      • Daily $5
      • Weekly $20
      • Monthly $75
      • Solutions $5
  • Not eligible for travel pay
  • Not required to complete the same in-person employee training unless you wish to work on a team on some or all appointments or be a trainer. 
  • Not eligible for any bonuses 
  • May receive carpool credit 
  • Not eligible for team member of the month or year
  • No raises over time ( only raises with inflation) 
  • Responsible for own tax reporting 
  • Not eligible for a full cash advance until completing probationary period $25 processing fee  
  • Not required to commit to a number of hours or schedule.
  • You may provide a preferred schedule
  • Schedule not guaranteed
  • You may choose to be invite-only.
  • External Floaters must be experienced cleaners. (Minimum two years required.)
  • Must attend Orientation 3 if you wish to clean with a team.
  • You may be asked to FLOAT from Team to Team and Zone to Zone, You may also decline.
  • Floaters must be evaluated and qualified to work alone. No equipment was provided. 
  • You must provide all green solutions, Green all-purpose cleaner, Dawn, and your own green soft scrub. Solutions will be inspected at random. 
  • For the first three appointments, you will be paid via Zelle or Paypal after you will be compensated bi-weekly


External Subcontractor Plan (Licensed & Insured) (For Sub Contractors Floaters) Must be Licensed and Insured  

  • Subcontractors must be licensed, insured, in business for at least 3 years, and provide references to select this option
  • For appointments that are full house, you will receive a 70% -85% commission for selected jobs will be paid
  • You may also bid on specific jobs presented 
  • Showcase appointment is $20/hour 
  • After completing the showcase appointment and you passed, you will earn $25-$30/hour 
    • $25/hour accepted jobs with notice
    • The day before $27/hour service in the next 24 hours 
    • Same-day $30/hour
  • In this plan, you are not eligible for any bonuses or travel compensation.
  • Must have a business license, own insurance, and minimum 2 years in business.
  • You must provide references 
  • For the appointments that pay hourly you may work with our employees, and the team leader may provide equipment and tools.
  • For the appointments you are assigned and service alone you will be paid hourly only if the client schedules hourly service.
  • Not required to wear our uniform but must blend in and wear all white shirts and black or khaki pants 
  • You must provide all equipment and solutions. 
  • Paid within 48 hours of job.


I agree while partnering in the field with MTPC, I will not infringe, market, promote, or advertise to current clients of Maid to Perfection Cleans Green LLC. 

We require a minimum of 72-hour notice if you need to cancel for any reason. If this policy is overlooked more than 3 times in a 6 month period, then the subcontractor’s services will no longer be considered.

We do not tolerate any no-call no-shows. After the first time, we will no longer invite you to any jobs.


We run background checks on all contractors & employees.

$15 is held from the first two jobs to cover background checks. 

Independent Contractors are Paid the Same Day For the First 3 Appointments and then paid every other Friday.

Subcontractors who are licensed and insured are paid the same day.


We are not licensed for commercial cleanings, dog walking, pet sitting, moving, yacht cleaning, etc. We refer out business for these services and hire subcontractors who are licensed and insured at a 90%/10% split. 


You must provide your own transportation.

You keep 100% of your tips!


The compensation plan is subject to change. We honor the plan you sign on to. This is not a legal contract. 

This is an agreement.